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Policy usage

Some guidelines about wwhypda policy usage

The goal of wwhypda is to provide a free and online database of hydrogeological properties of earth materials. Access to wwhypda is free and user contribution to the database is one of the main driving forces of the project.

It is foreseen that the data provided by wwhypda can be used for education, research, design, and consulting.

Due to the complex nature of rocks and of the measurements of their properties at different scales, it is extremely difficult to ensure that the values of the parameters in the database are fully reliable. Instead of trying to ensure a complete reliability of the data, the philosophy that we propose is

  • to ensure that the values of the properties that are published, originates from sources that can be verified,
  • or/and to check the consistency of the data through an automatic procedure that compares any individual value with the statistics of the values already available in the database.

As a consequence, the users are recommend to enter, whenever possible, data from open reports or scientific literature. In that case, the sources must be cited precisely in order to allow some cross-checks by other users of the database. This should allow ensuring a minimum degree of quality of the data.

To contribute a user must be identifed in the system. For that purpose he must obtain a login before entering any data. The consultation of the database does not require any login.

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