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Guidelines about how to contribute to wwhypda

Contribute to wwhypda is easy, but it should be done with care in order to provide useful contributions:

Here is listed what you should do:

  1. Get a valid log in to the site. You can do it here.
  2. Download a fresh version of the contribution spreadsheet here. The contribution spreadsheet files can be downloaded in the MS Excel *.xls format or the OpenOffice *.ods one.

  3. Take your time to fill the spreadsheet off-line with care. The spreadsheet contains some explanations in itself, but if you need more details you can consult this how to.
  4. When the spreadsheet is ready log in and follow this link to upload the data in wwhypda.
  5. Finally you can verify your contributions in the section "my wwhypda".


Fresh spreadsheet version

We suggest to always download, if possible, a fresh version of the contribution spreadsheet: the drop down boxes will be updated and the compatibility with the database is guaranteed.

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