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The wwhypda team

Alessandro Comunian PhD student , Neuchâtel, Switzerland

He is the main person involved in the wwhypda project: he developed both the web interface and the underlying SQL database structure of wwhypda.

Makiala Kisanga MSc student , Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Makiala was the first (and at this time, March 2008, the best) contributor to the wwhypda database. She added more than 20000 measurement values! During her contribution work she also helped to improve the spreadsheets upload procedure and the overall site testing its interface.

Philippe Renard Professor , Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Philippe is "the brain" of the wwhypda project: he looked for foundings, he coordinates the team and supervises, together with the scientifical committee, the development of the project.

Sylvain Tissot

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