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Contribute to wwhypda

Welcome, contribute to wwhypda is easy!

The main way to contribute to wwhypda is via a contribution spreadsheet (the online contribution section will be soon available).

Contribution spreadsheet:

Fill-in the wwhypa contribution spreadsheet form off-line:

NOTE: In the HOW-TO section you can find a tutorial about "how-to" do it.

...but in summary:

  • Download the file in your favourite format:
    get the file in *.ods format (The file in OpenOffice calc format)
    → or ←
    get the file in *.ods format (The file in MS Excel format)
  • Fill the spreadsheet off-line.
  • Upload the file in the portal hitting the following button (to do this, you have first to log in!):


OpenOffice is a valid Open Source alternative to the MS Office suite.

You can download it here: Use

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